Monday, July 12, 2010

You Meet Some of the Foulest Anti-Semites Online

I love teasing anti-semites online. You run into alot of exchanges with them if you subscribe to Jewish causes or Jewish pages on Facebook. There was a news posting of something anti-semitic about the Swiss that I took them to task for in a comment. Then this first message from one "Hans Gruber" appeared in my Facebook email. My goal in all such cases is to provoke the anti-semite into a fit of rage so powerful that he swallows his tongue. I think I was successful in this case. I started answering him in Germano/Yiddish gibberish, which of coure he didn't realize was a put on. Poor fellow dies a horrible death at the end when he finally swallows his tongue.

Between You and Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber June 23 at 11:36pm Report
I don't like Israel or Jews.
America has foolishly embroiled itself in the affairs of that terrorist state for too long.
I love being Swiss :)
Ira Machefsky June 24 at 12:33am
Ich thanken der grosse Gott wie Zehr pisedoffen ghaben truen tranken.

Kish mir in tuchas,
Hans Gruber June 24 at 12:39am Report
Don't you DARE taint the German language with your Yiddish cancer.
Ira Machefsky June 24 at 1:09am
Kish mir in meiner tuchas due crapengefarten mit deiner shwester geboren bei ein disckshmeltz enhaffen bei dienen sonnerlawins prikgealtit!

Du bist fullern der sheiss fur ein lorrhafen trinken gefartz.

Hans Gruber June 24 at 1:32am Report
Hor gut zu, Judenschwein:
I am sick of your fucking bullshit.
Ira Machefsky June 24 at 1:35am
I laughed you to death.
Feeling sick yet?
You soon will.
Go greet your fellow anti-Semites in Hell!

Kish Mir duppelganger in meiner tuchas!!
Hans Gruber June 24 at 1:37am Report
Why not learn Hebrew instead of "piggybacking" on the language of "The Oppressor?"
Because Jews are better suited building pyramids and conning the Welt than producing a novel idea.
Count your fucking quarters, you piece of shit.
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer!
Ira Machefsky June 24 at 1:50am
Do you feel your limbs becoming heavier as death overtakes you? Soon you will swallow your own tongue and choke to death.

I put the three-fold curse of Yahnnie of Carsus upon you:
Sim salah bim
Sim saluh heem;
Sim salak cheeemmmeechimchim!!!!!

You are not only merely dead, you are really most sincerely dead!
Hans Gruber June 24 at 5:07am Report
Ira Machefsky June 24 at 8:07am
Sounds like you did finally swallow your tongue.       

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