Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chavie Gets a Shrine in Mitzpe Ramon

As we were unpacking our boxes we came across a drawing of our daughter that was made by someone from her wedding photo. We didn't know the artist, a client of my brother-in-law's social worker girlfriend, nor did we ever like the very poor drawing and hideous frame very much. We kept it out of a sense of obligation and because it's the kind of thing that's hard to throw away once you've been given it. It was never supposed to have been packed and moved to Israel, but here it was. My wife threw it into the dumpster, our moving across the world seeming to be a good excuse to get rid of something so personal.

The next day my wife is walking to our daughter's apartment, when lo-and-behold, she spies the drawing, retrieved from the trash and perched on top of the public phone across the street from my daughter's apartment: a veritable shrine to Chavie. She couldn't believe it, nor could the rest of us, and we laughed every time we saw it for the next few days. People would come by and look at it and move on. A few days after it was put up, it disappeared. I like to think it made its way into someone's home where it will be appreciated.

Chavie gets a shrine in Mitzpe Ramon

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