Thursday, December 31, 2009

Morning Ibex Sighting

On my first full day in Mitzpe Ramon, December 15, 2009, I arose early to go to the crater's rim to look for Ibex. Morning is generally the best time to see them, dusk the next. As I walked up the hill of Nachal Grofit to the crater I spied this Ibex coming around the corner of the school:

An Ibex seen on my first morning in Mitzpe Ramon


 As I draw closer I see this magnificent male in the early morning light

He turns and walks about 10 feet in front of me

The next morning I see a herd of Ibex with a small boy near-by. He chases them. They run away into the rising sun:

A young boy chases a herd of five Ibex (Double-click for full-frame)

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