Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Father's Account - How a Family of Six was Nearly Murdered by a Terrorist Attack as "Proximity Talks" Begin

The Palestinians' culture of jihad, blood and death sucks its strength from our feebleness. The statistics clearly show that whenever 'peace' talks began, the curve of Jewish death and bereavement rose steeply. Identification, understanding and empathy – perceived as manifestations of enlightenment in Western culture – are seen by Muslim culture as proof of weakness and flaccidity, and invite another violent outburst. And thus did Oslo beget the Intifada, and so did the retreat from Lebanon and the Disengagement lead to the Second Lebanon War and to the flareup in Gaza, and so, tragically, is the government of Israel now preparing the next explosion. -- by Yehudah Yifrach, Amona; Arutz Sheva News
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