Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Thank You Note To All My Friends For Your Bark Mitzvah Presents - A Guest Post By Spot The Dog

I would like to take the occasion of Yom Yerushalaim to thank all of my friends for their good wishes and presents on my Bark Mitzvah. The pens - I can't write with them, but they do come in useful as a stylus to hunt and peck at the keyboard when held in my mouth. In fact, I am using a very nice Aurora pen to peck this note out right now. The money - Yes, keep it coming! Preferably in the form of State of Israel bonds of large denomination.

Yom Yerushalaim is the perfect day to report back on my special Bark Mitzvah project, marking every hydrant in Jerusalem, so-called "East" and "West", as mine all mine. Yom Yerushalaim celebrates the reunification of Jerusalem as a single, sovereign city of the Jewish people after the Six Day War. Before that, no Jew was allowed access, and the Jordanians, Muslims all, committed the most sacrilegious desecration of the most holy Jewish places. Under what possible misguided idea could the President of the United States think Jerusalem should be redivided and given into the hands of Muslims again, who continue to desecrate Jewish holy places wherever they come under their jurisdiction?

Spot the Dog warns President Obama: "Don't get into a pissing contest with me over Jerusalem!"

In any case, I have solved the problem for all time. My Bark Mitzvah project is complete. If the President of the United States will only visit Jerusalem and get down on all fours, he will smell for himself that the City of Jerusalem, the City of David -- all of it -- belongs to the Jewish people forever. I am warning you, Mr. President: Do not get into a pissing contest with me over Jerusalem!

My point of view, and welcome to it.

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