Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Colt, Mare and Camels

On the way to Be'er-Sheva there is now a charming sight of a colt, mare and camels lazing about a field. The colt was just born a few weeks ago. When first we saw it, it was kicking up its heels and madly dancing across the field, as colts do, with its mother not far behind. Sometimes we saw the colt laying down in the middle of the day with the mother standing astride or sometimes just nearby.

The camels look a bit bedraggled but sit motionless in the field, except for their heads which turn to meet you where ever you may go. It is good to be so close to nature here in the desert.

Colt, mare and camels in a Bedouin field near Be'er-Sheva. (Click for full size image.)

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