Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shizafon Junction - An Oasis in the Desert

On the way to Eilat from Mitzpe Ramon, we descend from the high desert toward the Arava Valley. Route 40, the only road south from Mitzpe Ramon, intersects Route 12 at the Shizafon Junction, about 80 kilometers from Eilat. Most people continue down Route 40 to Route 90 which continues down the Arava Valley directly to Eilat. But Route 12 is another option, much more scenic, and much less travelled. You can just about drive Route 12 with your eyes closed there is so little traffic on it. Yet it is the most scenic route to Eilat, passing through the mountains that define the Israeli side of the Arava Valley, with many large mountain vistas to engage the traveller. There are also some stunning sites of natural wonder, like the Red Canyon, which we shall visit in another post.

Shizafon Junction (A), where Route 40 meets Route 12

In any case, at the junction of 40 and 12, the Shizafon Junction, is a little Inn that is an oasis in the Negev desert. There are fountains and streams of water with verdant green plantings and flowers everywhere. You can enjoy a meal or drink in the shade of the garden or indoors at the restaurant. It also makes for a good rest stop for the kids with excellent bathroom facilities. Continue on to your destination refreshed from there.

Tables and garden at the Shizafon Junction (Click for full size image.)

Green pond with algae and who knows what else?

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  1. I've been here, and agree it is a wonderful place!



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