Friday, June 4, 2010

Jamming at the Club Ramon Hotel

Feeling out of sorts and with Pam under the weather yesterday and today, I decided to have a night out by myself in Mitzpe Ramon and went to enjoy a quiet dinner at the Club Ramon Hotel, which is just across the way from out apartment. Moshe the proprietor is always glad to see us, and he was there this evening with friends.

I enjoyed one of the hotel's very fine home cooked meals, including chicken drum sticks and tongue. I know tongue is not on everyone's favorite list of foods, but they make it sweet and tender there, so I rate it excellent. The vegetables had too much cousbarah (cilantro) for my taste (any at all is too much for me) but I found some lovely fried eggplant to fill the vegetable bill instead. At 70 shekels for all you can eat the price is a bargain.

After dinner and over tea, as I was reading more of the slanders against Israel about the Terrorist Flotilla on my iPhone, I heard a jam session start-up in the bar. Moshe urged me to join, so I did; where I found, much to my surprise, an excellent two-man Mitzpe Ramon combo swinging out. It was David Rich doing vocals and Gershom Ben Israel on drums keeping rhythm, together with a synthesizer that made it sound like Louis Armstrong and his whole band was jamming. As I found out later, they play there ofetn and have a large band called Jerusalem Rising that is going to play at the Mitzpe Ramon Jazz Club, across from the hardware store in the industrial section, next Tuesday night at 7:00. I hope to be there then to share more of their wonderful music with you.


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