Friday, January 22, 2010

Appliance Delivery

We finally had our appliances delivered today: refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove. Despite the fact that the store assured us that the delivery men would set everything up, of course they didn't. It apparently requires a "technician" to set up everything but the refrigerator. You'd think an appliance store would have that one figured out by now.

In any case, the delivery men arrive in Mitzpe Ramon. All delivery men who arrive in Mitzpe Ramon are angry because it's such a long drive from Be'er Sheva, the nearest city. We get two: a feisty, bantam weight of stocky build, and a wry one of slender build. Both are short. Have you ever seen a single, short delivery man haul a stove up to the second floor on his back? It was a sight.

Back at our house, the delivery men bring a washer and dryer in to the utility room, each hauling a unit on his back. I say, The dryer goes on top. Next thing we know, the dryer has disappeared. No where to be found. Eventually, the second delivery man finds it on the landing of the second floor. Delivery Golems Gone Wild. And they think Jews run the world!

In the mean time, the refrigerator has been unpacked and placed in the kitchen. Apparently, it is the single appliance that does not require a "technician" to unpack. As the delivery men are leaving I say, Will you take the refrigerator box away. He says, Do I look like I have a garbage truck? Jews and their eternal questions!

In case you were wondering, it costs 270 shekels, or about $70, to deliver two stoves, a washer/dryer, and a refrigerator to Mitzpe Ramon. Not bad, since it is a 100 mile round-trip journey to bring the appliances from Be'er Sheva. I give the feisty delivery man, who seems to be the boss, 300 shekels and say keep the change. He leaves without saying thank you.

Shabbat Shalom.

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