Friday, January 15, 2010

Spot and the Trotting Ibex

Spot the Dog seems to be settling in to his new home. He has a taste for long walks that he hasn't had since he was a young dog many years ago. A few days ago he insisted on walking around the perimeter road of Mitzpe Ramon, a circular distance of about a mile from our apartment.

One of the nice views on this walk is the approach to Har Gamal, or Camel Lookout, a mountain whose top has been carved by wind erosion to resemble the body of a kneeling camel. I have heard the winds are quite fierce at the top of this mountain, and I look forward to the challenge of getting there some day soon.

Har Gamal, or Camel Lookout, as seen from Mitzpe Ramon's perimeter road

We were walking around 3:00PM, two hours before sunset. This seems to be the time the Ibex begin returning to the Machtesh from town. We saw a small herd in the field near the crater, and then this one who trotted quickly in front of us to join them. I love the sound of their hooves on the ground.

An Ibex trots in front of Spot and me

Spot paid no special attention to the Ibex who joined this small herd across the street.

A small herd of Ibex

They quickly ambled off toward the crater's rim, and we continued our walk home.


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