Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evening Ibex Sighting

I came out of our apartment one evening, surprised to bump into a pair of large, male Ibex in front of my door. They don't usually stay in town this late, usually returning to the crater during dusk. But here they were. They walked up the side walk. One stood on its hind legs to munch some geraniums that were otherwise just out of reach. Ibex are herbivores, and I had read that they will stand to reach vegetation, but I had never seen one do this before. It looked quite funny, like a scene out of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

I grabbed my camera and followed them as they headed toward the crater. They moved effortlessly, so I was surprised at how quickly they covered ground. I had to run to keep up. Finally I came up beside a Big One, just five feet away and said, "Hello". He did not answer back. I was aware that I could be in alot of trouble if this 250 pound animal with big horns turned on me, but they seem so placid that fear disappears in their presence. After a moment, he scooted off with his friend over a wall.

Night time Ibex

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