Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Celebrate our 26th Wedding Anniversary

We get the chance to celebrate our anniversary twice. Once on the secular calendar, January 8, and once on the Hebrew calendar, Shevat 4. This year, Tuesday January 19 corresponded to Shevat 4. So, Monday night (which is the beginning of Shevat 4 on the Hebrew calendar) we had decided to go out out with Chavie, Donny, and Yair to celebrate. This was also the second day of drenching rain that fell in the Negev, dropping as much rain in one day as had fallen in the last 10 years altogether. As an adventure-blogger-wannabee I had been out in the rain trying to capture the Machtesh in storms never seen before and came in drenched and cold. This put a damper on my enthusiasm for a night out, however short it may be. However, a quickly clearing sky and hot bath put me in a better mood, so out on the town it was.

The Ramon Inn is the "fancy" hotel in town at the top of the hill. We had gone there frequently to eat during our apartment hunting trip in the summer, so this was our destination tonight. They have a very nice light, dairy menu that can be eaten in their comfortable sitting area. Some of the charm of the place was diminished by the buckets and plastic set out to catch leaking water. Most of Mitzpe Ramon was turned into leaky roofs by the unprecedented downpours. However, our half of the room was dry, so we took our place at our regular table.

Since this was a celebration, I was in the mood for a drink and ordered a dry martini. I should have been suspicious when the waitress asked me "red" or "white" and returned with what I think was a glass of room-temperature vermouth, with the two olives I had requested, but no toothpick. When I explained that a martini was 98% gin and 2% vermouth she said, "Oh, you want a glass of gin." "No, I want a martini." Now she explained she would have to charge me twice, once for a glass of gin and once for a glass of vermouth. Whatever, I said. Eventually she brought a martini-glass with a luke warm concoction of something that resembled gin and vermouth, but tasting like no martini I have ever had. Recommendation: Avoid mixed drinks at the Ramon Inn.

A "martini" like no other at the Ramon Inn

However dubious the mixed drinks at the Ramon Inn, the soups and salads are still excellent.  Truth is, the soups with bread are meal enough, but we also ordered an assortment of their large salads, pizza, and pasta dishes.

Chavie, Donny and Yair gave us a treasured gift: a ribbon-attached leaf from our yard in Englewood. We will treasure it until it crumbles to dust.

A treasured anniversary gift: a leaf from our yard in Englewood

Celebrating happy occasions with family is best, and we were very fortunate to be surrounded by Chavie, Donny and Yair, who kept things busy throughout the meal with his constant play and chatter.

Whenever there is a two year-old around, there is not much room for attention to go anywhere else. Indeed, Pam gave Yair a T-shirt that has a big arrow pointing down with the words, "Focus All Attention Here." Yair loves ice cream and drinks made with ice cream, like milk shakes. He got his hands on one at dinner and proceeded to show an Olympic champion's promise for the milk shake drinking event.

There was nothing left to do after this display of drinking prowess but go home. Yair drank all of us under the table.


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