Friday, August 20, 2010

Fred Comes A'Callin'

A few weeks ago our friend Fred O'Englewood paid us a visit in Mitzpe Ramon. We met him in Be'er Sheva and drove the rest of the way to Mitzpe Ramon. Our first stop was the Cafeneto, of course, after which we repaired to the Pundak Ramon (Ramon Inn Hotel) for a seat at our favorite table and a light lunch.

Fred examines the menu at the Pundak Ramon

The dairy menu in the lobby cafe is quite delightful, and there is an excellent view from the Pundak Ramon's high perch across town to the rim of the crater.

Waiting for lunch at the Pundak Ramon

Rebecca O'Sunnybrook Farm also joined us for lunch as we kid around waiting for our it to be served.

After lunch I gave Fred the deluxe tour of Mitzpe Ramon. We went to the Wise Observatory up the mountain behind town, a place not many people get to see. Why? I think most don't know it's there and even if they do, they don't know quite how to get there.

Fred at the Wise Observatory in Mitzpe Ramon

It was a windy day, evident from our next stop at Camel Lookout, a high promontory at the lip of the crater that resembles a camel journeying across the sands. 

At Camel Lookout on a very windy day

You can judge for yourself how windy it was from this video. I have since lost most of my daily complement of kippot due to the wind and night time astronomy adventures in Mitzpe Ramon.

The wind almost blows us into the Machtesh by Camel Lookout (Har Gamal)

Fred did get to meet Puxtahawney Phil while he was here, but his stay was much too short. Originally planning to stay the night, he skeedadled back after just a few hours here. Come back soon, sooner, and soonest, as Chavie used to say.

Puxtahawney Phil, frightened by his shadow, heads back to his lair for another 6 weeks.

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