Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19 - Hottest Day of Summer, So Far

Today must have been the hottest day of the summer so far, with temperatures reaching 101.6F at 3:30PM. I know, I measured it with my Kestrel. The heat was quite oppressive when standing in the sun, but the shade was much more comfortable, if still oven like. Fortunately, humidity in Mitzpe Ramon is quite low, reaching just 20.5% on Thursday. It was quite sultry on the Mediterranean coast with humidity ranging from 75% in Ashdod to 65% in Tel Aviv. Friday's temperatures are forecast to be even hotter: 109F in Be'er-Sheva, 102F in Mitzpe Ramon, and a scorching 116F in Eilat.

101.6F in Mitzpe Ramon on Thursday, August 19

Fortunately, we over did it on air conditioning, having three units in our small apartment. I've gotten so used to it that I can hardly bear going out in the heat of the day.

Air conditioning keeps us cool in the heat of the day.

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