Monday, August 23, 2010

People of Mitzpe Ramon: Tomer - The Bob Dylan of Mitzpe Ramon

We ran into Tomer and his cute daughter at the Klalit medical center in Mitzpe Ramon today. We were waiting to see Dr. Yossi, but he is worth waiting for. Tomer is a musician. He sings, plays the guitar and the harmonica. Bob Dylan is a favorite of his, and he showed us a video on this phone that he had made doing a cover of a Bob Dylan song. It was pretty good. His father-in-law is the mashgiach at the Pundak Ramon (Ramon inn), our favorite place to eat in town, so he is a good person to know.

Tomer with his daughter

We urged him to talk to the hotels about doing music gigs. They are always looking for entertainment for guests. Here's hoping he will. I enjoyed his playing very much.

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  1. The mashgiach casherout is my father his name is Daniel Knaffo and indeed he is the best person to know! Tomer my brother in law is givving guittar lessons and my sister , his wife the responsible of all activitis for the young ones,in the matnas (ymca)wish you all good luck and great staying in the paradise calles Mitspe Ramon, Dana Knaffo


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