Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tonight is the Night of the Shooting Stars!

The Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight, with 60 meteors visible per hour at very dark and clear sites. The actual peak is projected to be in the early evening tonight, August 12, for observers on the east coast of the US, and between 3:30AM and 6:30AM on August 13 in Israel. But not to worry about the exact time. The entire night of August 12 and morning of August 13 are prime time to view the meteor shower. This is a naked eye event, so no optical aids are required. Find a nice, quiet, dark place, sit in a chair, or better yet, lie down on a camp pad or sleeping bag, and watch the sparks over head.

Because of the pristine, dark skies in Mitzpe Ramon, about 3,000 people make the trek down here to watch the meteor shower. The town puts on a show of music and entertainment at the local football field, where most of the visitors come. Best of all, the Cafeneto is open all night! I am planning to be out, of course, observing and taking photos. It should be quite the excitement. More news tomorrow on this exciting, annual event world wide and in Mitzpe Ramon!

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