Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Flowers of Spring

I saw the very first flowers of Spring today in Mitzpe Ramon. These aren't desert wild flowers, they are cultivated in the local park. But it's still a good sign.

Juniper in bloom

There are many Juniper bushes in Mitzpe Ramon. They are a hardy evergreen and the first to bloom in Spring. In fact, these have been blooming since about Tu B'Shevat, but since they are still going strong I include them here now.

A daisy blooms among the Juniper bushes

This interesting tree with seed pods still hanging from the branches also just started blooming after Tu B'Shevat and is just now coming into its own.

And what garden would be complete without weeds?
A dandelion among thorns.

The rose beds have started being watered with drip irrigation, too. Should be interesting to see what comes up here in a while.
A rose bed in Mitzpe Ramon under drip irrigation.


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