Friday, February 5, 2010

Mitzpe Ramon is the Coldest Place in Israel on 2/5/10

I woke up late this morning and went outside with Spot. It is still very, unseasonably cold in Mitzpe Ramon. Everyone at the grocery was comparing us to Mount Hermon, Israel's only mountain to get snow and which is now covered in lots of snow. The ground was wet from the intermittent drizzle and a cold wind blew across the desert landscape. The temperature at 11:00AM was 44 F and the wind chill 35. I had to bundle up in 4 layers of clothing to stay warm. Dark clouds scuddered across the desert, sometimes breaking for sunshine, but usually darkly overcast. The alternation of sun and clouds made for an interesting contrast.

Clouds scudder across the main road of Mitzpe Ramon

Uncle Rafi just called before Shabbat with the official word that Mitzpe Ramon is the coldest spot in Israel, including Mount Hermon which has snow. As the clouds roll in and out they are accompanied by a cold light drizzle.

11:00 AM
Mostly overcast 
Very cold; wind chill 35 F
Drizzle today and last night

Temp: 44 F
Wind chill: 35 F
Humidity: 79 %
Heat index: 44 F
Dew point: 40 F
Wind max: 17 mph
Wind avg: 9 mph
Wind direction: NW

Mostly overcast 
Very cold; wind chill 33 F
Very windy and blustery
Drizzle today

Temp: 43.5 F
Wind chill: 33 F
Humidity: 79 %
Heat index: 44 F
Dew point: 40 F
Wind max: 23 mph
Wind avg: 19 mph
Wind direction: NW

It continues to be very cold and windy in Mitzpe Ramon as we head into Shabbat. The sky is a gray, leaden overcast with a stiff wind blowing at 20 mph. We are still the coldest spot in Israel.

Overcast skies hover over the water tower, field school and main traffic circle of Mitzpe Ramon


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