Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Russian Photographer of Mitzpe Ramon

We see this gentleman around town quite a bit. He gets around on a trike with a basket in the back for carrying packages. He mostly speaks Hebrew and Russian. When I was sitting at the town center one Friday waiting for Pam we struck up a conversation. As near as I can make out, he comes from somewhere very cold in Russia, perhaps Siberia. His family is now in Israel, and he was very proud of them as he showed me their photos.  I was surprised at how well the photos were done on a cell phone camera.

He asked if he could see my camera, which I was reluctant to hand over, since at that point he hadn't told me he used to be a photographer in Russia. So, I let him take it while I kept hold of the wrist strap. He thanked me and said he had been a photographer. At that point, I felt kind of bad I hadn't been more generous in letting him look at my camera, but he seemed satisfied.

I asked him what he did now. He said, "Achshav klum." ("Now, nothing.")

The Russian Photographer of Mitzpe Ramon

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