Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Purim Starts Early in Israel

The Purim countdown timer says it is just 10 days and 18.5 hours until Purim. But they start celebrating Purim early in Israel, right after Tu b'Shevat in fact. Tu b'Shevat was Saturday, January 30th this year. As soon as Shabbat ended, preparations for Purim were in full swing.

 Dressed for Purim at Toys-r-Us

We went to Be'er Sheva that Saturday evening and visited the Toys-r-Us store in the "One" shopping center. The clerks were already dressed for Purim and the costume department was under full attack by the children. Just like Christmas after Thanksgiving, but Jewish!

Toys-r-Us in Be'er Sheva immediately after Tu b'Shevat


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