Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Storm of the Century - Aftermath III

Machtesh Ramon is drained by three rivers. The chief of these is Nachal Ramon that runs down the crater's center. All three are usually bone dry. After last month's rains all the rivers were freely flowing.
This dramatic shot shows Nachal Ramon with Mt. Ardon in the background.

Nachal Ramon flows with water. Mt. Ardon in the background.

Mt. Ardon is part of the crater's northeast wall, so it is actually a cliff, rather than a free-standing mountain. It is located at the point of the crater's heart-shaped septum.

"A" marks Mt. Ardon

 The mountain is well seen in the photo below, a distance of about 10 miles from this vantage point.

Mt. Ardon, center right, at the "point" of the prominent white cliffs

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