Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annette Fein - An Artist of Mitzpe Ramon

On Sunday my friend Chaim introduced me to Annette, an artist and teacher of Mitzpe Ramon. Annette made aliyah from Union, New Jersey in 1962 (I believe she said). She has lived in Jerusalem, and now Mitzpe Ramon for the last 14 years. In the past she worked extensively in embroidery, with fantastically complex and intricate work in Jewish themes. Now she works mostly in drawings but especially colored sand design on stone and sometimes wood.

Her shop in the industrial part of Mitzpe Ramon is hung from floor to ceiling with examples of her work, with nary a space left for any more. She also designs and sews her own clothing and hats which are for sale as well. She runs art workshops for children and her space feels very inviting for contemplative creation.

She has two Belgian German Shepherds, a mother and daughter, that are very large but friendly looking creatures. The daughter has epilepsy, but her seizures are well controlled with some special vitamins Annette buys in Beer-Sheva. Since we were going to Beer-Sheva the next day, I offered to pick up a fresh bottle for her.

"Annette Fine" in her studio in Mitzpe Ramon

Annette takes photos of all the people who have been through her workshops. Since there is no space in the studio to display them, she hangs them in her back work room.
Some of Annette's students

Chaim with some of Annette's clothing and hats in the background

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