Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barbara from Eilat

Today I met Barbara from Eilat at the 'neto. She is a retired interior decorator with the Isratel Hotel chain. She lives in Eilat and was traveling north to explore the spring scenery in the northern part of the country. She is German, has been in Israel for 20 years and speaks at least German, Hebrew, and English fluently and mostly without an accent. She said she had seen me at the 'neto before. (I do spend alot of time there.)

We agreed that given what the current work environment looks like, it's better to be happily retired than unhappily employed. We both said we worried what our childrens' work lives and careers would be like, since we didn't envy people just entering the work force. This not simply because of the Great Recession, but because the modern work place has become such a pinched, selfish, mean spirited, hyper-competitive, and political place to be. Well, those are my thoughts on the matter in a very small nutshell.

Barbara of Eilat

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