Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating International Women's Day in MItzpe Ramon

Today (March 8) when Pam went to the Supersol market there was an unusually large trade in flowers and boquets, usually only seen on Fridays before Shabbat. When she inquired as to what was going on every one assured her it was a very big holiday celebrated everywhere in the world, including America: International Women's Day. Well pillory me with a brassiere, but neither I nor Pam had ever heard of this holiday. I had to conclude that it must have been especially big in the Soviet Union, since there are many Russians living in Mitzpe Ramon. (Would my Russian readers please clarify?)

In any case, all of the men were running around Mitzpe Ramon with bouquets. One of my favorite Mitzpe Ramon characters is Shlomo, the Wild Russian. Shlomo has an outfit for every occassion. Some of my favorites are his Good Cowboy Outfit, white western cowboy suit and hat; Bad Cowboy Outfit, the same but all in black; Russian Mafia Outfit, pretty much self-described; and his Midnight in Moscow Russian Outfit, full fur Russian hat and leather overcoat. In the photo below he is dressed ala Carribe, in preparation for the fist chamsin of the season.

 Shlomo, the Wild Russian of Mitzpe Ramon, celebrating International Women's Day (as always, click for the full-size image)

Shlomo speaks many languages, unfortunately, none we share so communication can be difficult. As soon as I took this picture in front of the 'neto, Shlomo was off in a flash.



  1. Comment from Randi:

    "Ira, It does exist in the US and has for some time. It is generally NOT celebrated by sending flowers to your favorite woman, but rather is time for women to celebrate the accomplishments of women. To recognize those women's voices who so often are lost when history is written. It is amusing to see how it has morphed to the current celebration in Mitzpe Ramon."

  2. Randi, I think you are seeing the Russian influence on the celebration in MR. The 90 year-old North African Jewish women here probably don't celebrate it. :)

  3. Once I worked in a school where the principal gave all the women teachers each a red rose with a very nice letter appreciating our effort. Other than that, I have never celebrated other than with other women at seminars, workshops or other appropriate women only things.


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