Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jackson - The Russian Pianist of Mitzpe Ramon

Feeling a bit low, we decided to have a nice meal at the Ramon Inn tonight. Located at the top of the hill near the center of town, the Ramon Inn (Pundak Ramon, in Hebrew) is the nicest hotel with the best restaurant in town. We ate in the casual dinning room near the lobby where excellent and affordable light meals are served.

Every Tuesday and Saturday night, Jackson, the Russian Pianist of Mitzpe Ramon, plays popular, dance, and jazz music in the room. Sometimes he is joined by Anatoly, the Russian Clarinetist of Mitzpe Ramon. Jackson has a broad repertory, a light touch, and does very nice improvisations on the original songs. He was so good tonight that we could hardly bring ourselves to leave, dancing out the door together after a few turns of the lobby floor.

I relax while Jackson tickles the ivories at the Ramon Inn, every Tuesday and Saturday night

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