Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Night Time Megillah Reading at Chabad of Mitzpe Ramon

There are many megillah readings in Mitzpe Ramon. More than I can count, more than I know about. Pam and I went to the one held at the new Chabad House in Mitzpe Ramon. Before the megillah reading Rabbi Tzvi Slonim, the Chabad shaliach in Mitzpe Ramon, lead a spirited round of dancing accompanied to Purim music played on the accordion.

Rabbi Slonim (left) leads the dancing before the megillah reading
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There were clowns, candy and shaloch manos for the kids.

Rabbi Slonim with a 10 foot clown of Mitzpe Ramon

There were all kinds of costumes, including Pam  as a busy, buzzy Purim bee.

Busy, buzzy, Purim Bee Pam

Ladies of Achachveros' retired harem?

In Israel, you get to use a REAL half-shekel for Machaztit ha'Shekel.


Finally, the megillah reading begins, led by one of the Chabad Yesivah boys.

Megillah reading at the new Chabad House in Mitzpe Ramon

As is the Chabad custom, Haman's name is only blotted out with noise when the megillah gives his full name, Haman the Agagite or Haman ha'Rashah, etc. But when they did, it was a commotion like I have never heard, with the clopping led by Rabbi Slonim as he and the Yeshiva boys paraded around the room, banging large kitchen pots and making cymbals of large pot lids.

Rabbi Slonim gives Haman a shellacking like he has never had before

After the megillah reading and Havdallah, 

Rabbi Slonim gave out gifts, and what better way to pick the winners than by lottery!

 Putting the "Pur" back into Purim


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