Friday, April 2, 2010

In Eilat for Pesach

We are in Eilat with our friend Rachel and her daughter Rebecca for the end of Pesach.  We are staying with an American tour group led by Rabbi Stewart Weiss from Rannana  in the Orchid Hotel, an Eilat favorite of many Israelis.

Rachel and Rebecca

The Orchid is built in to the side of the Eilat mountains, so it is a very vertically oriented hotel with direct outdoor access from almost all of the rooms.The hotel's architectural theme is, oddly, Thai/Bhuddist. The rooms are stand alone suites with a high-peaked "A" frame construction, decorated inside with bamboo walls. Each room has an outdoor balcony that faces the Gulf of Eilat, and an upper loft inside, accessible by a retractable ladder, with a bed. Lots of fun for kids.

Orchid Hotel, Eilat, built into the side of the mountain

View from hotel room balcony. Gulf of Eilat and the Jordan Red Mountains with Eilat Oceanarium tower to left foreground.

Some people consider digital photography a curse, because instead of enjoying their vacations, they sit around processing their photos, uploading and sharing them, not seeing the sights or enjoying a good nights sleep. Not me. I consider it part of the fun. What could be better than sitting here in the shade of an Eilat hotel, watching the people and water, and playing with my blog.

Orchid Hotel pool and deck with the Gulf of Eilat and Red Mountains in the background. It's a hazy day today with temps in the mid 90s. Still quite pleasant in the shade.

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