Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Negotiating with Pathological Liars

I used to work for a guy who was a pathological liar. He was the kind of person who could insist that it was midnight in the middle of the day and could get quite a few people to believe it. The bigger the lie, the more likely people were to believe it. How could someone make up such an outrageous thing, if it weren't true, is the state of mind people would go through with him. Of course, if you checked and found out it wasn't true he would find some excuse that explained away your finding as an aberrant exception or would simply deny your finding to your face.

From what I read about the "peace process" = "war process" the Arabs want Israel to undergo, this seems to be their method as well. The latest most outrageous point was a report in the Jerusalem Post about Israel achieving peace with its neighbors in which King Abdullah of Jordan is quoted as saying:

"In the Arab-Islamic peace proposal, it’s not just opening trade offices, it’s full diplomatic relations,” Abdullah explained. “They’re looking at Israel being integrated into the region, not just having embassies so that it looks good for the cameras, but having relations with the Arab and Islamic world. Fifty-seven nations is a third of the United Nations; that’s a third of the United Nations that does not recognize Israel today,” he said.

“Indirectly, what the Arabs are saying is, we will be the ones to ensure the security and the survival of Israel,” he continued. “You don’t need to have those walls, you don’t need to be Fortress Israel because you’re one of us now. http://www.jpost.com/Home/Article.aspx?id=173380
Can you imagine anything so absurd as Abdullah's highlighted quote? The Arabs will insure Israel's security?!  You mean the way the Arabs protect Sunni's from Shi'ites in Iraq or vice versa? Or the way they protect Hamas from Fatah or vice versa? Beware of practitioners of the Big Lie.  They actually do take people in.

And this just in from the Simon Wiesenthal Institute, another pack of lies from the Palestinians, Muslims, and their fellow travellers on Yom Ha'atzmaut:

Today, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Jews the world over celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel. But it seems that at the United Nations, everyday is Israel-bashing day. One of the latest attacks, Resolution A/HRC/13/L.29, passed by the infamous UN Human Rights Council last month, accuses Israel of “grave human rights violations” in Gaza and “occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem”. But this time, the Council, which has never once condemned terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, has now criticized the Simon Wiesenthal Center for building a Museum of Tolerance in the heart of West Jerusalem. The UNHRC, contrary to a unanimous decision of Israel’s Supreme Court, falsely claims that the Museum of Tolerance project is being built “on part of the historic Mamila Cemetery ... excavat[ing] ancient tombs”.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The Museum of Tolerance project is being built on the former municipal car park of Jerusalem, where for nearly 50 years, Jews, Christians and Muslims parked their cars. As the Supreme Court stated, "For almost 50 years the compound has not been a part of the cemetery, and it was used for various public purposes ... This area was not regarded as a cemetery by the general public or by the Muslim community ... No one denied this position." (Bones between 200 – 400 years old were found and re-interred in an nearby Muslim cemetery. No markers or tombstones were ever found on the site).
An article, in the Palestine Post, dated November 22, 1945, exposes just how outrageous and cynical the current campaign is – for three years before there was a State of Israel, the Supreme Moslem Council authorized the building of a commercial center, including a bank and factory on the actual Mamila Cemetery itself. But those seeking to demonize Israel and all supporters of Zion are not deterred by the facts. With the help of the well-oiled anti-Israel machinery at the UN, a new front in the war against the Jewish state has been launched.
Consider the list of regimes who voted for this travesty; they were led by Pakistan (on behalf of the 57-member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Cuba, Angola, Argentina, Bahrain, Russian Federation, China, Jordan, South Africa, Mauritius, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Qatar and others. We consider it a badge of honor to be condemned with Israel.

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