Friday, April 30, 2010

Mitzpe Ramon Dog Turns White Overnight from Fighter Fright

"Buy this rag now", scream the headlines.
"Freak of Nature Inside"

I know, you feel like you're in the checkout line at Shopright. But it's all true. Chaim's dog, Goldie, is terribly frightened of the noise the F16 fighter jets make when they fly over Mitzpe Ramon. And for the past week there have been many more low altitude flights than usual. Yesterday one even broke the sound barrier creating a huge, window rattling "boom" over the town.

An F16 flies fast and low yesterday over Goldie and Chaim's apartment. Watch carefully. This is fast!

Goldie usually goes into hiding in a closet when the jets fly. She shakes and shivers. But when I saw her today, Chaim said she had turned white from fright. I thought he was joking, but when I looked at her I saw it was true. Goldie's muzzle had become white over night, and she was still shaking and quivering in Chaim's arms. We tried to comfort her, but she just doesn't understand the jets are here to protect her. Feel better soon, Goldie!

Goldie and Chaim. Goldie turned white over night from F16 fighter fear.

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